Langhe Favorita

Langhe Favorita
Denominazione di Origine Controllata

Langhe Favorita is the other white grape vine of Roero, a vine that has won over the appreciation of the Roero farmers to become the “Uva Favorita”, the favored grape. Th e Favorita has been grown in the Roero area for hundreds of years as well as in the rest of Italy, but is named diff erently depending on the growing area. 
Favorita is made with grapes from vineyards located on the hills around Alba that slope down towards the Tanaro river, where the microclimatic conditions are optimal for the production of quality wines. Wine making: white vinifi cation with soft pressing and immediate separation of the must from the skins. Fermentation is slow in temperature controlled tanks at 15-17 °C in the presence of selected yeasts; the wine is stabilized and it is ready to be bottled.during the fi rst few months of the new year.

Organoleptic characteristics: light straw color with greenish refl ections. A fresh and elegant nose, with herbaceous hints. Harmonic and dry taste, livened up by a slight fizz with a marked sensation of freshness and with a good body. 

Alcohol content: 12 - 13% by vol. 
Acidity: 5,0‰
It goes well with cold meat appetizers and fi sh dishes, but it is an easy and social dring outside meals, excellent as an aperitif. Will keep 2 years under optimal storage conditions 
Serving temperature: 8 - 10°C.

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