Nebbiolo d'Alba

Nebbiolo d'Alba
Denominazione di origine controllata

This is a red wine with good body. It is rather dry when young but becomes more silky and improves its bouquet after ageing. It goes well with stewed meats, game and dishes with spicy sauces. It is the best choice for an important meal. 

Grape varietal: 100% Nebbiolo 
Alcohol contents: 13 - 13,5% vol. 
Acidity: 6 - 7 gr/l. 
Serving temperature: 18° C. 

It has a a rather intense ruby red colour with garnet refl ections acquired after maturation. If aged, it can develop orange refl ections. Its bouquet is delicate with hints of violets but it becomes more intense and reaches perfection after ageing. It has a dry, almost velvety taste that improves with age, underlying the importance of the wine. The Nebbiolo grape is among the four most important world varietals.

This product highlights the respect for tradition and the constant effort of the winemaker to continue the production of a first rate wine. Suitable for ageing in the bottle, it remains one year in vats before its release for sale. The wine obtained in the best vintages can be aged for over three years and still maintain its best characteristics.

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