Villa Felice Dolcetto d'Alba Superiore

Villa Felice Dolcetto d’Alba Superiore 
Denominazione di origine controllata

The Villa Felice grapes grow on impervious lands of the Alba hills where the warm and delicate rays of the sun allow production of a robust and balanced wine. Only in suitable vintage years with certain microclimatic trends in the vineyard, do Roberto and Fabrizio Drocco decide to produce the wine, in which case they pre - select the bunches in the vineyard and harvest only the best ones. Vinification starts with a long fermentation followed by maceration lasting about 15 and 20 days at controlled temperature. Subsequently it is aged for ten months on the lees with weekly batonnage (mixing). Afterwards, the wine is stabilized, filtered and bottled during the month of August. The wine can be marketed from June of the following year.

Organoleptic qualities: Intense red burgundy color with purple tones. Nose well expressed by fruit. A full strong taste with a long fi nish, generous with soft fullness. 
Alcohol content: 15% vol. 
Acidity: 5,5%. 

This wine is excellent with pasta dishes, risotto, stews, noble fowl and ossobuco (braised veal shanks).
Best enjoyed in a rather large glass with a narrower middle, half fi lled, so that the wine can free its aromas. Best served at ambient temperature 18 - 20° C.
Will keep: 5/6 years.

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