Diano d'Alba

Diano d’Alba
Denominazione di origine controllata
“Söri Piani” e “Söri Pittatori”

Among the lands of Dolcetto rises a hill higher than the others, a long promontory, which overlooks Alba and the Langhe. It is the hill of the Dolcetto of Diano and only the area of the township of Diano, subdivided into its “Söri”, can have this denomination of origin. From this lands, white marlstone tuff aceous soil together with its particular microclimatic conditions, the Azienda Agricola Drocco Luigi selects the grapes from these Söri. Vinification of red grape is traditional but utilizes the best cellar techniques, allowing this splendid wine to improve with time. The wine is very structured and substantial with scents tending towards blackberry and raspberry. Robust to the palate, it leaves a nice velvety taste and almond aftertaste.Th e good position of the vineyards permits a yield much lower than the standard which has an effect on the quality of the grapes and therefore on the fi nal result of the vinifi cation. 

Alcohol content: 13 - 14% vol. 
Acidity: 5,5%. 

The wine is ideal for serving throughout a meal, although it goes particularly well with entrees from great national and international cuisines, especially roast meats, and stews. Best served at ambient temperature 18 - 20° C. 
Will keep: 4/5 years.

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