San Pè

San Pè 
Vino Chinato - Vino Aromatizzato

Th is chinato wine comes from the wise traditions of the Piedmont country people who, from the infusion of the wine with chinabark, obtained a commonly used medicine, also off ered as an aperitif or digestive as a sign of hospitality. 

Today, after one hundred years of tradition, Luigi Drocco off ers this Dolcetto d’Alba Chinato from his own production, aromatized with the infusion of herbs, the properties of which are extracted through maceration, conserving their antipyretic value even after a long ageing. Perfect for conquering the palate of an ever more demanding and refi ned consumer, it is drunk at the end of a meal or combined with chocolate, San Pè is a unique and inimitable product of the Langhe.

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