Mosto d’Uva
Partially Fermented Grape Must

Th is wine is obtained from Brachetto grapes, from the of Diano d’Alba area. 
The color is ruby red tending to burgundy. It has a soft and velvety taste, that is round, pleasingly harmonious and fresh, thanks to a palatable background acidity. It has a very intense nose, reminding one of BACCARAT ROSE, with a taste of currant, raspberry and blackberry. It goes very well with fermented cheeses and desserts, as well as fruits, especially peaches and strawberries. 

Serving temperature: 8° C.
The grapes are pressed, and cold temperature maceration prevents alcoholic fermentation, extracting the maximum of color and varietal scents. Solids are then separated from the must and after a period of cold storage, the must is refermented up to 5,5/6% vol of alcohol. After stabilization and fi ltration, the wine is bottled which keeps a slight fermentation overpressure. The wine is marketed the year following harvest.

Longevity: 2 years under optimal storage conditions.

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