Vino rosso

Th e name and the wine trace their origins back to ancient Piedmont tradition. 
“Vigiu” means Luigi, the name of the founder of the Luigi Drocco estate who, combining tradition and experience, gave life to a wine obtained from the vinifi cation of Nebbiolo and Barbera grapes. 
The wine is refined in small wooden casks, successively matured in the bottle and the result is a wine with an intense ruby red colour with refl ections tending towards a brick red hue. On the palate, it has a good persistent structure. Harmonious and with the right acidity, it is smooth and velvety with sensations of red berries alternating with spices, vanilla and eglantine. 

Alcohol content: 13,5 - 14% vol. 
Acidity: 6 gm/l. 
Tasting: 18 - 20° C.

In order to appreciate the wine with all its characteristics, it is recommended that the bottle be opened some hours beforehand

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